The Benefits and Importance of Regular Pet Grooming

Not all of us who have pets have the luxury of giving them their own individual themed birthday parties, nor do we get them fur extensions, or give them a pedicure every once or twice a month.

For some of us, a regular brushing session is enough for the whole week. Many people also have this misconception that getting their pets groomed is something that’s not necessary.

However, that’s not true at all. It’s absolutely necessary to groom your pets and make sure that they are clean and healthy. It’s beneficial for everyone present in the house, and most importantly for your pet.

With proper grooming, you can eliminate mats, ticks, fleas, shedding, and stop other severe health conditions developing that you may have had no idea about.

Taking your dog to a professional groomer will benefit you greatly. It’s the best way to detect any problems that your dog might have, and early detection is very important as if you catch it early treatment is likely to be shorter and easier – of course depending on what it is.

The groomer will look for rashes, lesions, inflammation, lumps, or infections that any normal dog owner could miss. You’ll be able to prevent any major health conditions or catch an underlying problem, which you might have had no idea about.

So, the earlier a problem is found, the quicker you’ll be able to treat your dog and nurse them back to health.

Taking care of your dog and taking preventive measures also means visiting the vet, putting your dog on a proper diet, getting their dental health care, and regular exercise. Create a grooming routine if you have to, but remember to follow through with it.


We offer full superior pet grooming services for all sizes and breeds of dogs and cats from Monday through Friday.


Julie has been grooming dogs & cats for more than 25 years and she is available on Tuesday and Wednesday only so please schedule your dog/cat soon as the waiting list can be few weeks ahead.


We also offer a bathing service for those of you who just want to have a clean dog. You can choose from many different specialized shampoos for your dog. Price depends on the size of the dog.

Proof of current vaccinations are required for any and all services